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Juicy Canvas – Collaborative Creation/Consumption At Its Best!

December 13, 2012   |   filed under Art, Culture, Home, Products, Start-Ups

From Juicy’s Website: Born in communist Russia, 4-year-old Artur immigrated to New York City in ’79 on a Jewish refugee visa with his single redheaded mom, no money and a dream for a better life. Mom struggled working three jobs to put her boychik through graduate school. After grad school, Artur discovered his dad was still alive and an artist. Meeting… Read more »

The Sketchbook Project

December 4, 2012   |   filed under Art, Books, Community, Conversation, Participation

From The Sketchbook Project’s website: “The Sketchbook Project is a collection of creative works in the form of sketchbooks that are contributed by individuals from around the world. Thousands of people are adding their voice to this project annually. Together, they have formed a library of over 22,000 sketchbooks from over 130 countries and growing…. Read more »

57 Producers Make One House Track

December 3, 2012   |   filed under Art, Culture, Music, Participation, World Record

From Create Digital Music’s website: “You’ll sometimes hear people complain that there are too many producers in the world. Fine. Let’s have them collaborate on finishing tracks, en masse. With that many cooks in the kitchen, though, you’ll want one master chef in charge of the result. So it’s good news that Swedish production guru… Read more »

Beck’s “Song Reader”

December 3, 2012   |   filed under Art, Books, Music, Participation, Video

What if Beck released an album but never recorded it? What would it sound like? That’s the radical concept behind the artist’s lastest and greatest project – Song Reader. The album consists of 20 songs, all in sheet music form, all featuring original art work by Marcel Dzama, Leanne Shapton, Josh Cochran and Jessica Hische and are housed in an equally impressive folio…. Read more »