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Defiance Crosses Media

April 30, 2013   |   filed under Cross-Platform, Interaction, Television, Video, Video Games

In an article written for The Next Web, Nick Summers explains how a new way of story-telling is changing the way we experience and interact with media. ‘Defiance’ is both a massive multiplayer online video game and an original science fiction television series that hopes to encourage engagement from its audience. The franchises creators have… Read more »

Spacebar Streams Live Concert Audio

April 29, 2013   |   filed under Apps, iOS, Music, Start-Ups, Streaming

Spacebar is a live-streaming audio application that has launched today at TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY. Started by Gregory Miller (co-founder of, Spacebar seeks to stream live concert audio to help both musicians and their fans. Because of how we are currently listening to music, musicians are making most of their money through touring. Spacebar allows… Read more »

Spreecast Goes Mobile

April 25, 2013   |   filed under Apps, iPhone, Participation, Social Video, Start-Ups

Social video platform Spreecast announced the release of their new mobile application today. Currently available for iPhone, and soon on Android and tablets, the app allows users to access the service from their mobile device. In this version of the app, users can watch live or archived Spreecasts and can participate via text-based chat, asking… Read more »

Volio Gets Social

April 24, 2013   |   filed under Apps, Follow-up, Interaction, Start-Ups, Voice Control

In a follow up to our previous post on Volio, the startup, that has teamed with Esquire magazine to create conversational video, introduces social video sharing. Users of the Ronald Croen founded app can now record their interactions with the pre-recorded individuals users are conversing with. These videos can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter… Read more »

Concert Window Live Streaming Concerts

April 22, 2013   |   filed under Broadcast, Concerts, Music, Start-Ups, Streaming

Bands have been pivoting and repositioning their revenue streams based on the current climate of music distribution. Consumers are moving away from purchasing music and flocking towards free music services like Pandora and Spotify. Artists are currently making most of their money from touring. But there is only so much time and energy that can… Read more »

#Waywire Video Curation

April 19, 2013   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Participation, Social Media, Video

Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker has co-founded #Waywire, a way to collect and aggregate online video. User can create themed playlists from the various video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Vine. Some have described the service as the Pinterest of video. Booker’s ambitions for the service were very large, wanting to turn news-watchers into… Read more »

Do Not Touch Music Video

April 17, 2013   |   filed under Art, Crowdsourcing, Interaction, Music, Participation

Amsterdam supergroup LIGHT LIGHT has created a crowd-sourced, participatory music video that records the movement of a computer mouse cursor. In celebration of the “nearing death” of the computer cursor, the band has asked people to partake in the creation of Do Not Touch by instructing users in cursor movement throughout the process. Every time a person views… Read more »

Mars One Looks For Candidates

April 16, 2013   |   filed under Culture, Participation, Space, Television, Video

Mars One is a nonprofit organization that is aiming to send 4 astronauts to Mars in 2023 to stay there for the rest of their lives. The project will begin accepting applications from around the world for astronaut candidates this summer. In July, the Netherlands-based organization will be asking for 1-minute videos and a small… Read more »

45sound Crowdsourced Concert Footage

April 15, 2013   |   filed under Audio, Crowdsourcing, Music, Start-Ups, Video

There is a certain quality to crowd created video clips of concerts and sporting events that includes exclusivity and experience. However, the translation in the medium can leave something to be desired, specifically in the audio quality. 45sound makes fan-shot live music videos sound better by replacing the on-camera audio with a high-quality master live recording… Read more »