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Two Bit Circus And Human Asteroids

May 31, 2013   |   filed under Art, Interaction, Space, Technology, Video Games

Asteroids is a video game that could teach us a thing or two about how to protect our planet from actual asteroids. Blow them to smithereens with a spaceship and some lasers. While the real-life execution of such a plan is a bit more nuanced, a Los Angeles based think tank called Two Bit Circus… Read more »

77 Million Paintings

May 30, 2013   |   filed under Art, Conversation, Documentary, Installation, Video

Eclectic musician, composer and producer Brian Eno is displaying his most recent art installation, 77 Million Paintings, at 145 West 32nd Street in New York City. The exhibition opened May 5th and is only up for a few more days, ending on June 2nd. If you’re unable to view the piece in person, the video… Read more »

The World’s Most Contagious Prank

May 28, 2013   |   filed under Comedy, Disruption, Docucomedy, Video, YouTube

I remember sitting up in the tenor section of my high school choir class one morning. Choir was first period this semester. Unless you’re in the shower, 7 in the morning is not the best time to try and sing. This particular session was extra difficult. I walked to my chair and sat down. Written… Read more »

Animated Marketing With Headcast

May 23, 2013   |   filed under Advertising, Apps, Interaction, iOS, Video

Marketers are continually searching for new and exciting ways to reach their audiences. “Traditional” social media connect producers and consumers, but this is normally done through text or still images. Headcast lets brands easily reach their audience in a unique and personal way. They’ve taken the short form tweet or Vine and have applied that methodology… Read more »

Haunting Melissa And Experimental New Media

May 22, 2013   |   filed under Apps, Filmmaking, iOS, New Media, Video

Storytelling has taken a turn towards social, whether it’s real-time documentary or scripted content. ‘Haunting Melissa’ is an experimental new media production that seeks to further this evolution. Written and Produced by Neal Edelstein (The Ring; Mulholland Drive), the story centers around a young woman who seems to be haunted by her deceased mother. Edelstein’s Hooked Digital Media… Read more »

Interlude Makes Interactive Video

May 21, 2013   |   filed under Interaction, Movie, Participation, Start-Ups, Technology

Interlude is a unique video platform for content creators who wish to produce interactive videos in which users choose what they see and hear. Think of a choose-your-own adventure book, but in video form. It’s awesome. Founded in 2009, CEO and Founder Yoni Bloch wanted to create a way for people to express themselves through… Read more »

Detour Brings Artists To You

May 17, 2013   |   filed under Community, Concerts, Crowdsourcing, Music, Video

There’s nothing like seeing your favorite band play a live set in your favorite venue. Unfortunately, some bands just don’t have the means to go everywhere and anywhere. Songkick’s Detour is a crowdsourcing platform that allows fans to pledge money in an attempt to persuade bands to play a concert in their hometown. Essentially, fans… Read more »

Tweetwall Now Available For iPad

May 15, 2013   |   filed under Apps, Interaction, iPad, Participation, Social Media

Using a “tweet wall” is a great way for producers to expand their audience by inviting people into venues through social media. Tweets are displayed on a large screen from people talking about the current event, asking questions and leaving funny/snarky comments. Participation ensues when talent interacts with the wall, creating a real-time conversation with… Read more »

Instagram and Nike PHOTOiD

May 14, 2013   |   filed under Advertising, Art, Branding, Products, Social Media

Allowing Nike access to your Instagram feed can result in a new pair of personally styled kicks. Nike PHOTOiD takes the color information from a photo in your Instagram library and uses it to design a cool new pair of Nike Air Max shoes. The possibilites are near endless and you can be sure to… Read more »