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Participatory Media In The Classroom

June 27, 2013   |   filed under Culture, Educaiton, Participation, Social Media, Technology

The quarterly journal Learning, Media and Technology has recently published an article on the use of participatory media in the classroom. The authors of the article, Antero Garcia and Ernest Morrell, make a case for looser restrictions on the use of certain technologies in the classroom. The accessibility of these new technologies doesn’t seem to be the issue,… Read more »

Digital Media And Civic Engagement

June 21, 2013   |   filed under Community, Culture, New Media, Politics, Social Media

Playing off of yesterday’s story, we move on from new media literacy and education to its real world application in the civic/political sphere. Cherilyn Winkler recently wrote an article for about how digital media is revolutionizing civic engagement. Winkler focuses in on a survey conducted by Pew Internet and offers up some fascinating statistics…. Read more »

Henry Jenkins And Making The Impossible Possible

June 20, 2013   |   filed under Educaiton, Participation, Social Media, Technology, Video

Founder at Social Media Chimps Matt Fields highlights a terrific video produced by the Pearson Foundation about participatory culture and online communities. The video (a part of Edutopia’s Big Thinkers series) showcases Henry Jenkins, professor of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic arts at USC. Jenkins describes his passion for participatory culture and its potential usage in… Read more »

New Media Literacies And Participatory Cultures

June 18, 2013   |   filed under Educaiton, New Media, Participation, Social Change, Video

We dig all things participatory media here on the Particpatory Video blog. Including how participatory media is respected in education. As a tool for development, participatory media can help educators learn how to better reach their students and engage them on a level that traditional techniques would find difficult. The Stanford Graduate School of Education… Read more »

The 1860s Bar

June 17, 2013   |   filed under Comedy, Disruption, New York City, Participation, Video

Hidden camera pranks never get old. Especially when Charlie Todd and the Improv Everywhere team are behind them. For their latest trick, Todd and crew teamed up with the BBC America series Copper and converted a Brooklyn bar into an 1860’s style saloon. In the video above, two young men are invited into the bar… Read more »

Evolution Of Get Lucky

June 14, 2013   |   filed under Filmmaking, Music, Participation, Video, YouTube

No matter which side you’ve landed on the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories, you have to admit that the first single off of the album, Get Lucky, is pretty great. It’s a great contender for song of the summer and might be the greatest song of any decade! Thanks to YouTuber PV NOVA… Read more »

Pixplit And Social Creativity

June 13, 2013   |   filed under Apps, Collaboration, Photography, Social Media, Video

Pixplit is sort of like the old artist’s game called exquisite corpse, but with photographs. Friends and strangers take part in the creative process of making composited images. After downloading the app (available for iOS and Android) users are invited to participate in beginning or finishing a Pixplit composition. The frame of the final photograph… Read more »

Google Engagement Project

June 12, 2013   |   filed under Advertising, Best Practices, Branding, Participation, Social Media

Google’s Managing Director of Ad Market Development, Tara Walpert Levy, recently introduced the Google Engagement Project. To quote Levy in her article on the topic: “In the accelerating swirl of chaos, excitement, and yes, sometimes fear, the brands that win will prioritize engagement over exposure. They will flip the traditional approach of using mass reach to… Read more »

Consignd Rethinks Online Retail

June 10, 2013   |   filed under Culture, Shopping, Social Media, Start-Ups, Video

Consignd looks to change the rules of online retail to benefit the people behind the creation of products–the makers–and the people who find them–tastemakers. They’ve done this by taking the old retail model and reshaping it to provide more revenue for product creators. Consignd could potentially make a dent into the armor of larger online… Read more »