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Brittany Furlan And Vine’s Superiority

July 30, 2013   |   filed under Apps, Mobile, Social Video, Video, Vine

When Instagram announced that it was introducing video capabilities, many feared that this marked the end of Vine, the upstart social video platform. Although many have adopted video on Instagram, Vine is still holding strong to the majority of the social video market. One great example of Vine’s success is the 1.7+ million followers that… Read more »

Social Media And Storytelling

July 29, 2013   |   filed under Branding, Broadcast, Participation, Social Media, Social Video

Back in April, Cameron Uganec (Director, Marketing and Communication at HootSuite) spoke at Marketo Summit 2013 in San Francisco. His message was simple: “Social=Storytelling…Duh.” The success of social video, or video designed to be shared through social media networks, has made traditional broadcasters rethink their “one-to-many” communication model. Rather than brands relying on broadcasters to,… Read more »

The Sprint 60 Unlimited

July 26, 2013   |   filed under Advertising, Participation, Second Screen, Social TV, Sports

In what was advertised as “the shortest race in Nascar history,” the Sprint 60 Unlimited used Twitter and fan participation to help create a unique broadcast experience. Over 7,000 votes were cast (in the form of tweets) to crown a winner of the online race that took place during the final 30 laps of the… Read more »

YouTube Becoming More Like Facebook

July 24, 2013   |   filed under Advertising, New Media, Social Media, Social Video, YouTube

Over on Tubefilter,┬áVP of Brand Strategy at Fullscreen Brendan Gahan writes about the transformation of YouTube from a content platform into a social network. As advertisers become more hip to the power of social media platforms, they are slowly recognizing the power of YouTube as more than just a video network. That’s because YouTube has… Read more »

The MP3 Experiment Ten

July 12, 2013   |   filed under Comedy, Community, Interaction, New York City, Participation

On Sunday, July 14, Improv Everywhere will be hosting its 10th annual MP3 Experiment. At this point, it’s less of an experiment and more of well thought out and tested idea that’s turned into somewhat of a phenomenon. Thousands of people have gathered for these events in the past and this year’s event is sure… Read more »