Social Media And Storytelling

July 29, 2013   |   filed under Branding, Broadcast, Participation, Social Media, Social Video

Back in April, Cameron Uganec (Director, Marketing and Communication at HootSuite) spoke at Marketo Summit 2013 in San Francisco. His message was simple: "Social=Storytelling...Duh." The success of social video, or video designed to be shared through social media networks, has made traditional broadcasters rethink their "one-to-many" communication model. Rather than brands relying on broadcasters to, well, broadcast their message, the emergence of social video allows brands to control and disseminate the message on their own. Brands are now becoming content producers and traditional broadcast outlets are pursuing their message, a complete role reversal from the days before YouTube, Instagram and Vine. Most importantly, these brands are understanding the value of storytelling and the effect it has on their audience. And they're not only understanding this value but are able to tell a story so well that it can be hard to discern an advertisement from entertainment. Uganec's number one principle of social video is that it's participatory. It's clear that broadcasters are aware of this shift (from one-to-many to social) and are coming up with interesting ways on how to turn their audiences from simple viewers into creators. The audience now, more than ever, is a huge part of the storytelling process. Uganec also has a series of blog posts on this topic that are being posted over at Check out Cameron Uganec's Marketo Summit presentation
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