The MP3 Experiment Ten

July 12, 2013   |   filed under Comedy, Community, Interaction, New York City, Participation

MP3 Experiment

On Sunday, July 14, Improv Everywhere will be hosting its 10th annual MP3 Experiment. At this point, it's less of an experiment and more of well thought out and tested idea that's turned into somewhat of a phenomenon. Thousands of people have gathered for these events in the past and this year's event is sure to attract many. Because it's such a special event (being the 10th anniversary) Improv Everywhere will be running it twice in the same day, once at 3pm and again at 7pm. The event lasts about 45 minutes and will take place rain or shine on the pier of the South Street Seaport in Manhattan. Improv Everywhere has teamed up with the River to River Festival to make this experiment the best one yet. If you plan on going, come back to Participatory Video and let us know how much fun it was! For more information on the event go to Improv Everywhere
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