YouTube Becoming More Like Facebook

July 24, 2013   |   filed under Advertising, New Media, Social Media, Social Video, YouTube


Over on Tubefilter, VP of Brand Strategy at Fullscreen Brendan Gahan writes about the transformation of YouTube from a content platform into a social network. As advertisers become more hip to the power of social media platforms, they are slowly recognizing the power of YouTube as more than just a video network. That's because YouTube has made some significant changes to adapt and help position itself against other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The most telling change has been the evolution of the "Subscribe" button. More than just a way for content creators to gain followers, the analytics behind this action are extremely valuable to advertisers. This is nearly identical to the advantages inherent in the Facebook "Like". Gahan goes on to list 4 other examples of how YouTube is adapting to the current social media market. Check out the rest of Gahan's article over on Tubefilter
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