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Social Media Week

September 16, 2013   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Social Media, Social Video, YouTube

Social Media Week kicks off on September 23rd and we’re dedicated this week to information surrounding it. We’ve been anticipating all of the events happening in Los Angeles, CA for some time! There are a lot of great speakers and panels. We’re especially excited for Mark Suster’s talk titled “The Future of Hollywood and the… Read more » Team Up With VidiGo

September 9, 2013   |   filed under Broadcast, Interaction, Participation, Social Media, Social TV

We previously mentioned¬†and their terrific social TV experiment, “the shortest race in NASCAR history.” The social TV platform has taken a step forward by combining forces with VidiGo. The two will team up to provide a solution to help broadcasters leverage social media platforms into their content, encouraging interaction and participation. The combination of… Read more »

Hollow Documentary

September 4, 2013   |   filed under Documentary, Filmmaking, Interaction, Participation, Video

A new interactive/participatory documentary has been created by Producer/Director Elaine McMillion that helps bridge the gap between audience and storyteller. Hollow tells the tale of McDowell County, West Virginia, what can be classified as a “dying town.” The documentary is an HTML5 based website that incorporates photos, videos, interactive data and other user-generated content. Community… Read more »

Airbnb Hollywood And Vines

September 3, 2013   |   filed under Apps, Movie, Twitter, Video, Vine

Airbnb is looking to create the world’s first movie made entirely of Vine videos. “Hollywood and Vines” will be a movie cut from hundreds of 6-second crowdsourced videos. Submissions from around the world were accepted based on instructions from the film’s director sent via Twitter. Participants shot the scenes and submitted them back through Twitter…. Read more »