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‘Thank You Festival’ Streams For Social Change

June 27, 2014   |   filed under Uncategorized

THUMP, Global Citizen, and the World Childhood Foundation streamed live from Maryland yesterday to give thanks and give back.  The Thank You Festival brought in some top tier DJs like Tiesto, Above & Beyond, & Krewella all to support kids–and not just the ones at the show or watching from home.  Viewers and audience members… Read more »

Google’s Material Design Crosses Platforms

June 26, 2014   |   filed under Android, Cross-Platform, Google, Products, Technology

As more technology has become available people have adjusted to juggling between different screens, many sites and apps however were not as quick to the change.  Google revealed Material Design yesterday, a comprehensive solution to provide a simple and cohesive visual language for all devices.  This marks a strong diversion from Android’s consistently detailed design towards a sleeker look that offers depth and functionality.

Aereo Case Leaves Legal Bounds Unclear

June 25, 2014   |   filed under Broadcast, Politics, Streaming, Technology, Television

Although many expected Aereo to lose its Supreme Court case against big-time cable giants, the company stands on similar “volitional conduct” grounds that support the legitimacy of many other major digital services like Cloud storage and Dropbox.  This idea that consumers, not providers, are responsible for the legality of their digital content has come in to question now that Aereo’s… Read more »

Rising Star App Generates Twitter Buzz

June 23, 2014   |   filed under Apps, Competition, Participation, Second Screen, Social TV

The highly anticipated singing competition series, ABC’s ‘Rising Star’, had its multi-media premiere last night showing mixed results.  The app garnered more than 1 million downloads, about a fifth of it’s live spectatorship, which worked flawlessly to allow participants to vote for each contestant; a 70% or higher positive feedback rating raised the curtain to reveal the face behind the voice. Although… Read more »

Participants Steal the Show at Cannes

June 20, 2014   |   filed under Collaboration, Festivals, Filmmaking, Short Film, Technology

Whether it be tweeting about your rough day at work or picture of your new shoes on Instagram with smiley emojicons, people are more commonly tracking their emotions with the help of technology.  Saachi & Saachi’s New Director’s Showcase at this year’s Cannes Lions conference took this growing trend out of it’s social media context and made it the star of the hour-long “Feel… Read more »

Mixify’s Clubcast Bringing Top DJs to Your Events

June 19, 2014   |   filed under Concerts, Interaction, Live Stream, Music, Social Video

Never thought it would be possible to get big name artists to play small local venues, or even your own events?  Think again.  Think high quality audio and 2-way HD video bringing the top DJs into an intimate club environment through a unique live stream experience.  Live events are a growing part of the music industry, and EDM is the fastest growing…. Read more »