Littlstar launches virtual reality app into the Apple TV app store

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Talking New Media quoted that virtual reality company, Littlstar the premier global network dedicated to virtual reality and 360 video, today announced the launch of its Apple TV app, free for iOS and the Apple TV.  The app, which is the first to bring immersive content to the new Apple TV platform, gives users access to a wide range of 360 video content from well-known brands such as ShowtimeDisney, Discovery, PBS, Mountain Dew, National Geographic and Red Bull. The app is integrated with Apple TV’s latest Siri Remote, allowing users to control the videos’ angles via the remote’s trackpad, fully looking around in 360 degree views. Like the interactivity provided on Littlstar’s other apps on the web, mobile, and in virtual reality headsets, the Apple TV app gives users the ability to rotate views for a fully immersive experience, adding a sense of realism to the content. The immersive content distributed on the Littlstar network is supported by the company’s patent-pending distribution technology. Brands ranging from DKNY to Ferrari leverage Littlstar’s technology to distribute their 360 video content. Additionally, Littlstar offers a platform with APIs, SDKs, and analytics for content creators to build direct-to-consumer apps. Littlstar’s app for Apple TV is available for download via the app store. For more information, please visit:   Source:       Talking New Media
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