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M&C Saatchi has developed an outdoor campaign which "evolves" unique ads based on its audience’s reactions, which makes it the world’s first artificial intelligence poster campaign.  The company is experimenting with advertising by algorithm.  The project, now underway, launched with around 1,000 different images and other variable creative components served randomly to passers-by before the self-selection process began. Creative components which fail to engage are automatically removed from circulation while those prompting an engaged reaction are re-worked into further executions—a process which will play out over the next couple of weeks.  Audience response is measured by a camera embedded in the site. "Strength" of creative components is determined by the engagement of passers-by—whether they look happy, sad or neutral. The project is a Darwinian approach to advertising which, though only an experiment, points to an interesting future role of artificial intelligence in advertising creativity, M&C Saatchi’s Chief Innovation Officer David Cox says. The campaign is due to run for three to four weeks by the end of which M&C Saatchi expects to end up with a single ad representing the strongest creative execution.   Source: Meg Carter for FAST COMPANY  
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