Blippar Augmented Reality Search Engine Raises $54 million Series D

March 9, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Community, Conversation, Culture, Participation, Technology

Blippar, described as the "leading visual discovery app using most advanced mobile augmented reality", has reached $54 million dollars in funding, which it will use for machine learning, building their team, and the artificial intelligence the app must use in order to identify items with the AR search engine.  In 2012, Blippar launched in hopes to unite augmented reality, and everyday objects.  With a "Blipp" on the object, the consumer can readily scan the item, and immediately find as much information as they need. Rish Mitra, Blippar cofounder and CEO, states, “We can’t live without search. Unfortunately, there are some things that text search doesn’t work for because they are hard to describe. We see Blippar as a way to solve that problem and deliver results when people see something that makes them curious".   SOURCE: TECH CRUNCH  
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