Periscope Now Saves Broadcasts — And Streams From Your Drone

June 2, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Music, Participation, Social Media, Technology, Video


If you want to know what’s really cool right now, go to a concert. Any concert. Once you get there, don’t look at the musicians. Watch the smartphone screens everyone throws up in the air as soon as the headliner appears. Look at the apps they run. Some people boot up the camera. Others choose Instagram or Snapchat. But more and more people are opening Facebook Live, or Periscope, or maybe even YouTube (but probably not YouTube) and streaming what they see to their friends who can’t be there. Live streaming is a hot topic in the film and TV industries, and at developer conferences all over Silicon Valley. But many questions remain. How do you shoot it? How do you find it?  Where does it go when it’s no longer, you know, live? This morning, Periscope attempts to answer a few of these unknowns. Most important, it will let you to keep your broadcasts forever, instead of having them disappear after 24 hours. This represents a fundamental shift for Periscope. Now you can build channels and maintain a presence instead of being exactly as cool as your last 24 hours. (It’s certainly also a response to Facebook Live, which from the start permanently preserved your videos.) Keeping anything for later, required downloading it and uploading it to YouTube or Facebook, which just crushes Periscope’s ongoing value. Periscope has tested the feature for a few days now by letting people add “#save” to their video description, and it’ll roll out to everyone over the next few weeks. Everything gets saved by default, by the way, so deleting that dumb ‘scope where you accidentally started the selfie cam and caught yourself picking your nose, means doing it manually.

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