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The Beatles Come To Spotify, Apple Music And Other Streaming Services

December 23, 2015   |   filed under Advertising, Audio, Branding, Community, Conversation, Cross-Platform, Culture, Digital Youth Network, Documentary, Facebook, Google, History, Instagram, Interaction, Live Stream, Mobile, Music, New Media, Participation, Press Release, Remix Culture, Remix Culture, Social Media, Technology, Tumblr, Twitter, Uncategorized, Video, WiFi, YouTube

  The Beatles website confirmed that the entire band’s catalog will be available on Spotify, Apple music and all music streaming services. In just a few short hours, 13 remastered studio albums, and 4 special collection albums will be released at 12:01am local time, on December 24, Christmas Eve. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music,… Read more »

Google Brings Its Interactive, 360-Degree “Spotlight Stories” To YouTube

December 22, 2015   |   filed under Android, Anticipatory Computing, Apps, Audio, Branding, Broadcast, Cellphone, Community, Cross-Platform, Culture, Digital Youth Network, Filmmaking, Game, Google, Instagram, Interaction, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Movie, New Media, Press Release, Remix Culture, Reviews, Short Film, Social Media, Social Video, Streaming, Technology, Tumblr, Twitter, Video, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality, YouTube

Source: TechCrunch Google is bringing its Spotlight Stories – immersive, 360-degree animated videos meant to introduce a new form of storytelling – to YouTube. The first story to arrive is a holiday film called “Special Delivery,” from Wallace and Gromit, creators from Aardman Animations. Via the YouTube app, you can experience the interactive movie by moving your phone around… Read more »

Hatsune Miku Is a Piece of Software. She May Also Be the Future of Music.

December 11, 2015   |   filed under Branding, Conversation, Culture, Fashion, Festivals, Interaction, Music, New Media, Social Media, Technology, Television

Hatsune Miku, one of Japan’s most famous pop stars, has been 16 for the past seven years. If you’ve heard of her, you’ve probably heard her described as a “hologram”; maybe you’ve also heard people say she doesn’t exist. But both of these are the kind of misnomers that are liable to send her legions… Read more »

Private Group Media Sharing

December 8, 2015   |   filed under Cellphone, Collaboration, Conversation, Culture, Digital Youth Network, Facebook, Festivals, Instagram, iOS, Mobile, New Media, Participation, Photography, Products, Social Media, Start-Ups

A new app called Givme, offers users a private group album based on time and place. Whenever they can they’ll do it automatically based on GPS info. The app will detect if you’re taking photos with friends, create an album and send you a notification.  No photos are ever shared without your confirmation. Alternately, you can quickly add… Read more »

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Fashion Week?

December 7, 2015   |   filed under Advertising, Art, Branding, Camera Drone, Conversation, Culture, Festivals, Journalist, Live Stream, New Media, New York City, Photography, Uncategorized, Virtual Reality, YouTube

How you feel about virtual reality likely depends on a few factors. One, your history as a tech early adopter; two, your desire to spend even more time staring deeply into a screen; and three, whether you’ve been burned before (Google Glass, anyone?). But for the fashion industry, for whom technological advances mean the potential… Read more »

Wattpad: Social Reading for Current Culture

April 7, 2014   |   filed under Apps, Culture, Ebooks, Participation, Social Change

The Wattpad app has quickly become the largest online social reading community for both writers and readers.  Users can download millions of books for free in dozens of different languages, follow stories piece by piece as they are updated, and offer their own creative input directly to the author.  Toronto-based co-creators Allen Lau and Ivan… Read more »

Participatory Media In The Classroom

June 27, 2013   |   filed under Culture, Educaiton, Participation, Social Media, Technology

The quarterly journal Learning, Media and Technology has recently published an article on the use of participatory media in the classroom. The authors of the article, Antero Garcia and Ernest Morrell, make a case for looser restrictions on the use of certain technologies in the classroom. The accessibility of these new technologies doesn’t seem to be the issue,… Read more »

Digital Media And Civic Engagement

June 21, 2013   |   filed under Community, Culture, New Media, Politics, Social Media

Playing off of yesterday’s story, we move on from new media literacy and education to its real world application in the civic/political sphere. Cherilyn Winkler recently wrote an article for about how digital media is revolutionizing civic engagement. Winkler focuses in on a survey conducted by Pew Internet and offers up some fascinating statistics…. Read more »