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Hands-On with the $949 Mind-Bending Meta 2 Augmented Reality Headset

March 3, 2016   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

Meta CEO Meron Gribetz unveiled the Meta 2 augmented reality headset at TEDx 2016 in February, showing off a variation of sensors, high definition camera (which actively maps one’s hands, and the environment around the user, which it manipulates), and the headset’s incredibly large, near 90-degree, field-of-view.  Why is Field of View important on an augmented reality… Read more »

Microsoft Launches Pre-Orders For $3,000 HoloLens Development Kit, Will Start Shipping March 30

March 2, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Social Media, Technology, Video

Microsoft’s launch for interested developers of the HoloLens begins today! Developers invited have the chance to buy a unit for $3,000.  The first set of HoloLens-specific applications include Skype, various games, and details regarding the hardware’s spec. But what exactly is included in the HoloLens development edition?  One will find the HoloLens, a clicker for interacting… Read more »

HTC-Valve’s Vive VR Headset Will Cost $799, Bundled With Two Controllers

March 1, 2016   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

Soon after Oculus’ Virtual Reality headset’s release, HTC has announced the release of their own VIVE VR Headset, set to cost $799, a substantial $200 more than their competitor, Oculus.  HTC’s Dan O’Brien, VP of VR, planning and management emphasizes “It is the price for the complete system. It is the price for a system… Read more »

Pinball In Virtual Reality? Yes Please

February 25, 2016   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

Feeling nostalgic for the arcade?  “Pinball Labs” recently launched a kick starter to help gamers relive those times, through virtual reality.  The system uses Unreal Engine 4, with a built in editor, allowing the gamer to create their own pinball experience as they please.  It is designed for PC, VR headsets (Oculus, etc.).  “Pinball Labs”… Read more »

The First Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Will Take You To Space

February 24, 2016   |   filed under Audio, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video, Virtual Reality

Alton Towers Resort has created a next level VR experience, by strapping the rider to a roller coaster while they are wearing a VR headset.  The VR headset allows the rider to fly through outer space audibly and visually, while their body is experiencing the sensations of the roller coaster.  The riders will feel like they’re… Read more »

This $18 Smartphone Gadget Turns Your World Into An Augmented Reality First-Person Shooter

February 23, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Community, Conversation, Culture, Participation, Technology, Uncategorized, Video

Interested in an augmented reality massive multiplayer first person shooter app? Look no further than laser tag with The company launched on Indiegogo today, hoping to raise $50,000. Though this can be seen as a game of high-tech laser tag, has massive ambitions to create an augmented reality massive online multiplayer first-person shooter. According to company estimates,… Read more »

ThankView- The Paperless Post For Thank You Cards

February 18, 2016   |   filed under Audio, Community, Conversation, Filmmaking, Follow-up, Interaction, New Media, Participation, Products, Social Media, Technology, Video, WiFi

  ThankView are customized, video thank you cards, designed to alleviate the stress of writing copious amounts of thank you cards.  These virtual e-cards can be customized with photos, colors, and text.  ThankView then queues each card, allowing the user to record their virtual thank you’s back to back, for everyone on their recipient list…. Read more »

Good News For Bands! Youtube Acquires BandPage

February 17, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Culture, Music, Participation, Social Media, Technology, Uncategorized

Bold decisions are tough to take but they eventually pay off. Uncoupling from Facebook may have seemed like a setback for BandPage at the time, but look what it lead to…BandPage got Youtube and that means more revenue for bands! BandPage writes that, “BandPage is dedicated to helping musicians build their careers by growing their… Read more »

Samsung helped create these new smart shoes

February 15, 2016   |   filed under Advertising, Android, Apps, Best Practices, Branding, Collaboration, Cross-Platform, Crowdsourcing, Equipment, Fashion, Participation, Sports, Start-Ups, Technology

Ever wish your shoes could give you feedback on your game? Well now that might be a soon reality. A startup company named Salted Venture, with the help of Samsung, developed shoes that can coach you on how to improve your golf swing. They are being called lofit, and are the new look of Smart Shoes…. Read more »

Survios’ First-Person Shooter Shows How Addictive VR Will Be

February 15, 2016   |   filed under Anticipatory Computing, Apps, Camera Drone, Collaboration, Community, Competition, Cross-Platform, Interaction, Mobile, Participation, Products, Reviews, Technology, Video, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality

The game is called Raw Data by virtual reality startup Survios. It’s perhaps the most advanced first person shooter in VR.  Built by a team that’s been together for five years and a company for three, it’s the culmination of all Survios’ research into how people want to play. Unlike most VR experiences today, it doesn’t feel… Read more »