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Livestream And Verizon Debut LTE Broadcaster At CES 2013

January 15, 2013   |   filed under Participation, Products, Streaming, Technology, Video

Livestream has been partnering with mobile giant Verizon on an internet connected broadcast peripheral since May of last year. The device can stream live video using WiFi or Ethernet, or take advantage of Verizon’s cellular connectivity with a 3G/4G USB dongle. However, at CES 2013, Livestream announced an update to it’s Verizon paired broadcaster that boasts… Read more »

Leap Motion Controller

January 8, 2013   |   filed under Gesture Control, Interaction, Products, Start-Ups, Technology

“This isn’t a game system that roughly maps your hand movements. The Leap Motion controller is 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market – at any price point.” A gesture control system that rivals Microsoft’s Kinect, LEAP is accepting pre-orders for their Leap Motion Controller. Once connected to a Mac/PC the  user… Read more »

Kepler Space Kit

January 3, 2013   |   filed under Photography, Products, Space, Technology, Video

“Inventor Brian Erickson first envisioned Kepler as a way for everyday folk to experience the magic of space, and while the product’s base kit is a little more down-to-earth, it’s not like Quirky to abandon a dream. With the help of 63 community influencers, that dream came to life through an incredible adventure” Here is a post about the site… Read more »

MindMeld Heralds the Era of Anticipatory Computing

September 12, 2012   |   filed under Anticipatory Computing, Apps, Conversation, Technology, Video

From GIGAOM’s website: “Tim Tuttle, a serial entrepreneur who co-founded web acceleration technology company Bang Networks and video search engine Truveo (acquired by AOL), has returned with his third startup, Expect Labs, which he co-founded with Moninder Jheeta (who built infrastructure for Truveo.) The company today announced its first product, an iPad app for simplified… Read more »

Totally Wired – On the Trail of the Great Dotcom Swindle by Andrew Smith

September 1, 2012   |   filed under Books, Ebooks, Reviews, Technology, The Guardian

From The Gaurdian’s website: “In the late 1990s, easy cash and irresponsibility became an art form. It was the time of the dotcom boom when a small number of clever, usually irreverent and often dysfunctional people invented great things and became billionaires overnight. Some became mainstream corporate bosses; others would disappear off the map. One… Read more »