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YouTube gets a new TV app

August 24, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Culture, Interaction, Social Media, Technology, Video

With more people than ever cutting the cord, watching via smart TVs, and turning to streaming media players like Roku and others, YouTube decided it was time to update is TV application to be easier to use on the big screen. A new version of the application rolling out now will feature a different look and improved organization of… Read more »

Nintendo is launching a mini version of its iconic NES console with 30 classic games

July 14, 2016   |   filed under Community, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

Remember back in the day when you had a Nintendo Entertainment System hooked up to a tube television, the connection over RF shaky, the excitement palpable? Nintendo’s hoping you do, and wants you to recapture the feeling for $59.99. On November 11, it will release the recursively named “Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition,” a tiny… Read more »

Twitter starts its live coverage of Wimbledon today

July 7, 2016   |   filed under Community, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

It seems Twitter decided to do a soft launch of its sports live-streaming tool today, but you should save the link. Seriously, because it’s not easy to find. The company began streaming Wimbledon, with coverage beginning on day 9, with the men’s quarterfinals. But tennis fans who also happen to be Twitter users were left in the dark about the new feature…. Read more »

Facebook Live grows up with two-person broadcasts and waiting rooms for viewers

June 27, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Conversation, Interaction, Participation, Social Media, Technology, Video

Last Thursday at VidCon Facebook pre-announced three new big product updates for Facebook Live, their live-streaming platform built into Facebook. The platform will soon let you do two-person remote broadcasts, pre-schedule your streams and create a virtual waiting room for viewers and broadcast with MSQRD’s face masks. Broadcast with a friend The first upcoming update is the ability… Read more » tries to bring that live TV thrill to online video

June 13, 2016   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Social Media, Video is bringing some of the communal feeling of watching regular TV — you know, the sense that people are watching along with you – to the experience of streaming online videos. “Watching videos alone is boring,” argued CEO Kareem Rahma. The New York-based startup was previously known as NYC.TV, and it was supposed to recapture the… Read more »

Immersit Turns Your Couch Into A Vibration-Powered Immersive TV Experience

February 11, 2016   |   filed under Audio, Change, Conversation, Equipment, Home, Installation, Movie, Products, Social Change, Social Video, Technology, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality

Immersit’s “Plug and Play” product allows the  4D cinematic experience.  The multiple, small bases and central motor placed under the viewers couch (or bed, chair, etc.) generates vibrations and movements of back/forward, up/down, and side to side, allowing a new and improved experience of the viewers favorite films, and video games.  Immersit will be available… Read more »

Connecting Livestream Stars with Brands

February 5, 2016   |   filed under Advertising, Apps, Branding, Broadcast, Cellphone, Collaboration, Community, Competition, Conversation, Cross-Platform, Filmmaking, Instagram, Interaction, Live Stream, New Media, Participation, periscope, periscope, Products, Reviews, Social Media, Social TV, Social Video, Streaming, Technology, Television, Video, Vine

  A newcomer to the startup scene, Applause, is making waves as a marketing connector in live video and media content. Brands need influencers to help with promotion and Applause steps in to make the process easier for everyone. Particularly focusing on Twitter’s Periscope app, CEO’s such as Jon Jacques have become quite familiar with the platforms capabilities…. Read more »

The EHang 184 Is A Human-Sized Drone Taking Off At CES

January 8, 2016   |   filed under Advertising, Android, Audio, Best Practices, Branding, Broadcast, Camera Drone, Change, Collaboration, Community, Competition, Cross-Platform, Crowdsourcing, Culture, Digital Youth Network, Filmmaking, Gesture Control, Google, History, Hologram, Home, Installation, Interaction, iOS, iPad, iPhone, LG, Live Stream, Mobile, Monetization, New Media, Panel, Participation, Press Release, Remix Culture, Reviews, Science, Transportation, Virtual Reality

Human sized Drones? Yes please.  A lot of really cool things were revealed at CES 2016 but nothing can probably touch what was revealed just a few short hours ago by Chinese UAV company, EHang.  The EHang 184, a human-sized drone built by the Chinese UAV company just won the best “My Drone Is Better Than Your… Read more »