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Rising Star App Generates Twitter Buzz

June 23, 2014   |   filed under Apps, Competition, Participation, Second Screen, Social TV

The highly anticipated singing competition series, ABC’s ‘Rising Star’, had its multi-media premiere last night showing mixed results.  The app garnered more than 1 million downloads, about a fifth of it’s live spectatorship, which worked flawlessly to allow participants to vote for each contestant; a 70% or higher positive feedback rating raised the curtain to reveal the face behind the voice. Although… Read more »

Participants Steal the Show at Cannes

June 20, 2014   |   filed under Collaboration, Festivals, Filmmaking, Short Film, Technology

Whether it be tweeting about your rough day at work or picture of your new shoes on Instagram with smiley emojicons, people are more commonly tracking their emotions with the help of technology.  Saachi & Saachi’s New Director’s Showcase at this year’s Cannes Lions conference took this growing trend out of it’s social media context and made it the star of the hour-long “Feel… Read more »

Instagram: The Top Social Network for Brands

May 2, 2014   |   filed under Branding, Instagram, Mobile, Products, Social Media

In a recent Forrester study, Instagram dominated over other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook in user engagement with brands.  The statistics proved that Instagram followers are 58 times more likely to like, share, and comment with brands’ posts on Facebook and 120 times more than on Twitter.  The reason behind this?  Instagram does not currently filter out… Read more »

Is Tumblr The Next Big Partner For TV?

April 29, 2014   |   filed under Conversation, Social Media, Social TV, Tumblr, Twitter

According to a recent study by the Yahoo-owned site and Pulsar, a social-data-intelligence company, Tumblr not only creates a larger conversation around TV but one that lasts longer than competing social platforms like Twitter.  Most Twitter posts and re-tweets about shows hover around the live broadcast.  Media buzz on Tumblr, however, is proven to build in anticipation of airing, peaking by… Read more »

Vimeo Acquires Mobile-Video App Cameo

March 26, 2014   |   filed under Apps, Cellphone, Filmmaking, Short Film, Social Video

“Vimeo is committed to empowering all creators, and the ubiquity of HD camera phones is driving the largest wave of video creation ever seen,” Kerry Trainor, chief executive of Vimeo said. “What we love about Cameo is that it gives even novice video-makers the power to create beautiful, well-crafted videos.” On March 18, 2014 Vimeo… Read more »

Fullscreen BEAM For Google Glass

December 9, 2013   |   filed under Apps, Google, Technology, Video, YouTube

The folks over at Fullscreen have created the first YouTube app for Google Glass: Fullscreen BEAM. Rather than having to record video on your Google Glass, upload it to your computer and then upload it to YouTube, Fullscreen BEAM allows users to upload their content from Google Glass directly to YouTube. After registering for the app at,… Read more »

Airbnb Hollywood And Vines

September 3, 2013   |   filed under Apps, Movie, Twitter, Video, Vine

Airbnb is looking to create the world’s first movie made entirely of Vine videos. “Hollywood and Vines” will be a movie cut from hundreds of 6-second crowdsourced videos. Submissions from around the world were accepted based on instructions from the film’s director sent via Twitter. Participants shot the scenes and submitted them back through Twitter…. Read more »

The Tribeca Robert De Niro Birthday Party

August 26, 2013   |   filed under Community, Participation, Social Media, Tribeca, Vine

Image courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival website Robert De Niro celebrated his 70th birthday on Saturday, August 17th. To mark this momentous occasion, the editors at the Tribeca Film Festival website have commissioned Vines from eight of their favorite Vine makers. The results are terrific. Tribeca also made a few GIF’s that are hilarious and… Read more »

The Sprint 60 Unlimited

July 26, 2013   |   filed under Advertising, Participation, Second Screen, Social TV, Sports

In what was advertised as “the shortest race in Nascar history,” the Sprint 60 Unlimited used Twitter and fan participation to help create a unique broadcast experience. Over 7,000 votes were cast (in the form of tweets) to crown a winner of the online race that took place during the final 30 laps of the… Read more »

YouTube Becoming More Like Facebook

July 24, 2013   |   filed under Advertising, New Media, Social Media, Social Video, YouTube

Over on Tubefilter, VP of Brand Strategy at Fullscreen Brendan Gahan writes about the transformation of YouTube from a content platform into a social network. As advertisers become more hip to the power of social media platforms, they are slowly recognizing the power of YouTube as more than just a video network. That’s because YouTube has… Read more »