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Dive head-first into the cosmos with SpaceVR

April 29, 2016   |   filed under Conversation, Culture, Participation, Technology, Video

One of the major promises of virtual reality is the ability to find yourself transported to exotic locations. Nothing is quite so exotic as the final frontier. SpaceVR wants to launch high-definition 360-degree cameras into space so that users can experience the majesty of the cosmos on their virtual reality headsets. The small 5-person company just… Read more »

Your Phone’s Next Superpower? Putting Awesome VR in Your Pocket

April 25, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Social Media, Technology

For all the attention lavished upon the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and Magic Leap, most people will experience the wonder of VR with the same device they use to send a text and summon a car. It’s all going to be on your phone. “While mobile VR may not trump PC-based VR gaming,” says Nick DiCarlo, Samsung’s head of immersive… Read more »

YouTube now offering support for 360-degree live streams and spatial audio

April 18, 2016   |   filed under Music, Participation, Technology, Video

YouTube will today begin supporting 360-degree live streaming on its service, confirming reports from earlier this year stating that such a feature was in development. One of the first videos to take advantage of this more immersive format will be this year’s live stream from music event Coachella, where select performances from the festival will now be live… Read more »

5 tough questions about Oculus Rift’s VR headset launch.

April 5, 2016   |   filed under Community, Cross-Platform, Participation, Technology, Video

Oculus Rift has made the future the present by launching it’s VR headsets but uncertainty about it’s own future looms overhead with HTC and Playstation headsets on the way. Here are the tough questions that will determine what you should buy, the distribution of power between the platforms and VR’s effect on our lives. It… Read more »

Hulu Steps Into Virtual Reality With a New app for Samsung Gear VR

March 24, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

Hulu has entered the world of VR.  With the new Hulu/Oculus VR app, viewers can watch their favorite movies or tv shows from a fully immersive environment.  Viewers play an active role as the app allows for adjustments of outside scene, lighting, and the entire look and feel of the experience.  Hulu claims this is… Read more »

Visionary VR grabs $6M to Power Virtual Story Creation

March 23, 2016   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

LA based story creation software company, VISIONARY VR is on a mission to build an “instinctive” experience with their VR headsets, allowing the user to create and experience their game at the same time.  DFJ recently led Visionary’s quest for funds, and came out with an astounding $6 million.  The $6 million will assist in… Read more »

Play Your Steam First-Person Shooters in Full Virtual Reality With MyDream Swift

March 16, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

MyDream Swift, a VR conversion software,  is combining Virtual Reality software with old steam content, bringing games such as Battlefield and Borderlands into an immersive experience!  Swift was not a planned project, the company originally planned to convert their own game (MyDream) into a virtual reality experience where users can build their own world.  It… Read more »

Oculus Announces New Social Features To Help Personalize VR Experiences

March 15, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Community, Conversation, Interaction, Participation, Social Media, Technology, Video

  Virtual Reality may be the future of “social space” for long distance friendships.  With the Gear VR platform, users can now create their own profiles and interact with others who have done the same in virtual space.  Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (Parent company of Oculus) stressed, “…pretty soon we’re going to live in… Read more »