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How Disney Thinks About Virtual Reality For Its Theme Parks

March 8, 2016   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Uncategorized, Video

Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Technologies Lead Bei Yang recently discussed the progress the entertainment industry has made in relation to virtual reality.  Disney has been brainstorming possible virtual reality experiences since the 1980’s with the in-depth Disney Quest experience, and the “Nintendo’s Virtual Boy”.  As those projects fell short, Disney continued their virtual reality excursion… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in a VR Headset

March 7, 2016   |   filed under Apps, Community, Interaction, Participation, Social Media, Technology, Uncategorized, Video

These days, VR-capable hardware is everywhere. Tack-sharp displays, powerful processors, and versatile sensors are in everyone’s pockets. And to spur the next wave of immersive entertainment, VR directors and developers are creating the language of a new medium on the fly. Virtual reality is going to be awesome. Then it’s going to get even better…. Read more »

Hands-On with the $949 Mind-Bending Meta 2 Augmented Reality Headset

March 3, 2016   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

Meta CEO Meron Gribetz unveiled the Meta 2 augmented reality headset at TEDx 2016 in February, showing off a variation of sensors, high definition camera (which actively maps one’s hands, and the environment around the user, which it manipulates), and the headset’s incredibly large, near 90-degree, field-of-view.  Why is Field of View important on an augmented reality… Read more »

HTC-Valve’s Vive VR Headset Will Cost $799, Bundled With Two Controllers

March 1, 2016   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

Soon after Oculus’ Virtual Reality headset’s release, HTC has announced the release of their own VIVE VR Headset, set to cost $799, a substantial $200 more than their competitor, Oculus.  HTC’s Dan O’Brien, VP of VR, planning and management emphasizes “It is the price for the complete system. It is the price for a system… Read more »

Pinball In Virtual Reality? Yes Please

February 25, 2016   |   filed under Community, Conversation, Culture, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video

Feeling nostalgic for the arcade?  “Pinball Labs” recently launched a kick starter to help gamers relive those times, through virtual reality.  The system uses Unreal Engine 4, with a built in editor, allowing the gamer to create their own pinball experience as they please.  It is designed for PC, VR headsets (Oculus, etc.).  “Pinball Labs”… Read more »

The First Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Will Take You To Space

February 24, 2016   |   filed under Audio, Interaction, Participation, Technology, Video, Virtual Reality

Alton Towers Resort has created a next level VR experience, by strapping the rider to a roller coaster while they are wearing a VR headset.  The VR headset allows the rider to fly through outer space audibly and visually, while their body is experiencing the sensations of the roller coaster.  The riders will feel like they’re… Read more »

Survios’ First-Person Shooter Shows How Addictive VR Will Be

February 15, 2016   |   filed under Anticipatory Computing, Apps, Camera Drone, Collaboration, Community, Competition, Cross-Platform, Interaction, Mobile, Participation, Products, Reviews, Technology, Video, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality

The game is called Raw Data by virtual reality startup Survios. It’s perhaps the most advanced first person shooter in VR.  Built by a team that’s been together for five years and a company for three, it’s the culmination of all Survios’ research into how people want to play. Unlike most VR experiences today, it doesn’t feel… Read more »

Immersit Turns Your Couch Into A Vibration-Powered Immersive TV Experience

February 11, 2016   |   filed under Audio, Change, Conversation, Equipment, Home, Installation, Movie, Products, Social Change, Social Video, Technology, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality

Immersit’s “Plug and Play” product allows the  4D cinematic experience.  The multiple, small bases and central motor placed under the viewers couch (or bed, chair, etc.) generates vibrations and movements of back/forward, up/down, and side to side, allowing a new and improved experience of the viewers favorite films, and video games.  Immersit will be available… Read more »

Petcube Scoops Up $2.6 Million So You Can Entertain Your Pet From Anywhere

February 10, 2016   |   filed under Advertising, Audio, Broadcast, Community, Conversation, Cross-Platform, Interaction, Live Stream, Products, Social TV, Technology, Video, Virtual Reality, Voice Control, WiFi

PetCube allows virtual owner/pet interaction with their “built in, app controlled laser toy” to entertain the pet while away.  The $199 pet monitoring system comes equipped with a built in microphone and 720 HD video capabilities in order to entertain and talk to the animal in real time.  Consumers can find PetCube through PetCube, Amazon,… Read more »

Oculus wants to make it easy to get everything you need to dive into virtual reality

February 9, 2016   |   filed under Advertising, Anticipatory Computing, Collaboration, New Media, Participation, Social Media, Streaming, Television, Video, Video Games, Virtual Reality, YouTube

Oculus-ready PC bundles from ASUS, Alienware and Dell, pre-sell for $1499 Next week. Consumers can pre-order the bundles from Best Buy, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store starting next week. Anyone who has already pre-ordered a Rift can upgrade to get one of the PCs too and grab the discount using an offer code that will appear next week… Read more »