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Japanese Researchers Are Creating Holograms You Can Touch

December 29, 2015   |   filed under Advertising, Android, Anticipatory Computing, Apps, Audio, Broadcast, Camera Drone, Change, Collaboration, Community, Cross-Platform, Culture, Digital Youth Network, Disruption, Equipment, Gesture Control, Gigapixel, Home, Instagram, Installation, Interaction, Live Stream, Monetization, Panorama, Participation, Press Release, Products, Remix Culture, Remix Culture, Reviews, Science, Search, Social Change, Space, Start-Ups, Technology, Uncategorized, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality, Voice Control

Imagine reaching out and physically shaking someone’s holographic hand when you’re Skyping them for the first time. Or how about giving a hologram version of a friend you’re chatting with a hug while you’re in two different countries? Japanese researchers from the University of Tokyo’s Department of Complexity Science and Engineering (DCSE) are aiming to make… Read more »

The Beatles Come To Spotify, Apple Music And Other Streaming Services

December 23, 2015   |   filed under Advertising, Audio, Branding, Community, Conversation, Cross-Platform, Culture, Digital Youth Network, Documentary, Facebook, Google, History, Instagram, Interaction, Live Stream, Mobile, Music, New Media, Participation, Press Release, Remix Culture, Remix Culture, Social Media, Technology, Tumblr, Twitter, Uncategorized, Video, WiFi, YouTube

  The Beatles website confirmed that the entire band’s catalog will be available on Spotify, Apple music and all music streaming services. In just a few short hours, 13 remastered studio albums, and 4 special collection albums will be released at 12:01am local time, on December 24, Christmas Eve. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music,… Read more »

Google Brings Its Interactive, 360-Degree “Spotlight Stories” To YouTube

December 22, 2015   |   filed under Android, Anticipatory Computing, Apps, Audio, Branding, Broadcast, Cellphone, Community, Cross-Platform, Culture, Digital Youth Network, Filmmaking, Game, Google, Instagram, Interaction, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Movie, New Media, Press Release, Remix Culture, Reviews, Short Film, Social Media, Social Video, Streaming, Technology, Tumblr, Twitter, Video, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality, YouTube

Source: TechCrunch Google is bringing its Spotlight Stories – immersive, 360-degree animated videos meant to introduce a new form of storytelling – to YouTube. The first story to arrive is a holiday film called “Special Delivery,” from Wallace and Gromit, creators from Aardman Animations. Via the YouTube app, you can experience the interactive movie by moving your phone around… Read more »

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Fashion Week?

December 7, 2015   |   filed under Advertising, Art, Branding, Camera Drone, Conversation, Culture, Festivals, Journalist, Live Stream, New Media, New York City, Photography, Uncategorized, Virtual Reality, YouTube

How you feel about virtual reality likely depends on a few factors. One, your history as a tech early adopter; two, your desire to spend even more time staring deeply into a screen; and three, whether you’ve been burned before (Google Glass, anyone?). But for the fashion industry, for whom technological advances mean the potential… Read more »

Inside The Void: An exclusive look at the future of virtual reality

December 4, 2015   |   filed under Equipment, Filmmaking, Game, Journalist, Participation, Products

In a remote part of Utah, a small team of engineers, designers, and enthusiasts are creating fun and innovative experiences that rival anything you’d see at Disney World or Universal Studios. The Void is a new age playground that seamlessly blends virtual reality experiences with physical environments, using effects like wind and water to make… Read more »